Inspiring everyone- Real Story

For twenty-two years, for twenty-two years, he cut the mountains and showed the way..

They are poor in terms of economy In the caste society, they fall from low to low levels They are landless peasants Mushahar The villagers live in 60 villages in the Gaya Attari block of Bihar Minimum services such as drinking water, electricity, education, health and luxury for them One of them was Dasarath Majhi (India).

He lived in the village of Karjani near the hill of Gehlaur. The nearest town was Wazirganj. To get there, the villagers had to walk for 70 hours every hour. The wife of Dagarath, Phaguni Devi, went to bring drinking water to the road. the other brides of the village On the mountain, back off It's not good He died due to the lack of proper treatment.

Dasaratha made the day When the ruling administration does not do anything for them, Dishrath decides to do what he can The pain of losing his wife keeps him firm towards the goal Horses, chisel and chisel were used to buy cattle Leave the farmer's job in the boss's land. Starting with these three things, Dasharath's fight begins In the head of Gehlaur, he began to cut stones Sandal hammer chisel chisel, my love for both my hands and the unhappiness of my wife.
From 1960 to 1982, Dasharath cut the hills for 22 years Finally, the mountain road broke | Made 360 feet long, 30 feet high and 25 feet wide Talek fell from the distance between the villages behind the hill of Gehlaur. Instead of a 70-kilometer hike, only 5 kilometers of pucca road lead to the light of civilization. 'Baba' became Dasaratha for people from 60 villages, including Gehlaur.
The government has not expected recognition, honor or reward for their work. I did not mind any punishment. It only had in his head, if the lame could rape the Gir, he could also show the face of the sun with light on the mountain.

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